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  1. Well, it says that my pm box has reached its quota, and in order to receive more private messages, I must delete some. I HAVE deleted all of them. I have noticed, though, that when I log in to Grasscity it says I have like..69 (lol) or whatever # of private messages I have. But I delete them within a day or two! What's up with that???
  2. I can't help ya any, but ironically I was just trying to PM you and it told me the same thing.

    Maybe if ya banged on the side of it?
  3. Well I think it's okay now. I just figured it out, well, no I didn't figure it out but it did something and let me empty the shit out. PM away!!!!!

    Ok maybe it was the banging thing, that, and holding my tongue just right ;).
  4. Hi Stonygurl,

    You should be able to save 300 PM's now. Let me now if it works.

  5. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Well, thanks a lot. Not sure I'm popular enough to get THAT many pm's lol... Why, if I delete them regularly, do they hang around somewhere in limbo?

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