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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by ienjoytheweed, May 5, 2003.

  1. need quick way to smoke some cheeba need to go to sleep but wanna go stoned no papers or blunts
  2. What do you have around? How 'bout hotknifes?
  3. Or make a piece outta an apple,, or a potato, or any other solid fruit or vegetable
  4. would i need a bowl for that?
  5. nope, you got an apple?
  6. apples r nice, it flavors the smoke, i love it
  7. a pop can: lay it on its side push in one side and poke holes in it. put the bud over that, suck out of the opening at the top

    an apple: bore a hole right through the center with something thin like the inner part of a bic pen, or you could probly use a pencil...make the hole at one end a bit bigger (this will be your bowl, so shape it like one ;) ). now, put the bud in, put your lips on the other end of the hole, light the bud, and suck ;)

    make brownies: get a pound of butter and about an ounce of weed. start heating the butter on the - er, nevermind :D
  8. ..or jus poke a small hole straight thru the apple and on one side use ur finger and make a bowl shape, now jus smoke it like a chillum.
  9. hey, ienjoy, where'd ya go? are ya high yet? Wha'd ya use?

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