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  1. hi out there, can anyone help,
    im growing my plant in Soil shes been doing really well until my partner turned the light on and left the heating on and never switched on the fan, so the plant has been in extreme heat, some of the leaves had Burnt to a crisp at the top, i cut away some of the leaves which where beyond repair but i am afraid to anything else just in case i distroy it,
    should i cut the very top of the plant or not?? would this cause anymore problems?
    would the plant recover and continue to grow and form new leaves if cut?
    or should i leave it now and see how the very top of the plant copes !
    i just dont know if the plant needs anything else doing to it??

    Any Help Would be Appreciated

    Thanks in Advance

    here are some pics to help


  2. Ok, well its save-able have you ever practiced topping? in your pictures ive seen alot of aeas that you can top the dead burnt growth and have 2 new stems take over, just remove some burnt growth and see hwo it reactes, but its more then likely gonna pull threw if you keep the temps constant.

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