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  1. im growing ina corn field and i know the farmers gona harvst his corn very soon, im not exactly sure when though. do you guys think i should pick them now? id rather get something than nothing, and they are pretty big and well along. but not as well along as they could be.or should i wait a day or two? i really need some advice on it. please help
  2. Id be extremely wary of any pesticides that could or could not have been sprayed in the area near your plants.
  3. im pretty confident that the farmer doesnt spray pesticides on it.
  4. Pestacides usualy get sprayed way early before any plants are even there and before you can grow marijuana. So if there alive there fine. As for havesting you sould be monitoring other fields and when you start seeing actvity your geting close. When i chose my spot i picked a spot next to a field because i knew there wouldnt be enough time to totaly finish in the field.
  5. All I can say is stay on top of watching that damn field.. that would totally suck if she got harvested with a bunch of corn.. Although the farmer might quite enjoy that.. eheheh.. But ya it's probly worth it to leave it and just check the field daily.. You don't want premature nugs.. But I'd be sure to check daily... You could always go ask the farmer when he is harvesting.. ehehhe
  6. yea next year indefinatly growin in the woods. corn field is to much stress. my friend kinda knows the farmer, he said he probably wont pick it for a little while. so i might be good for like another week. yall think they might be done by then? i picked one little one earlier and seems pretty good. well see in a couple days,lol:smoke:
  7. Even if its not done pot that is only a little premature is still pretty danky.. just not all swollen like it would be,.. but ya.. I'm smoking premature nugs right now and they're danky as hell...
  8. yea most of them are prety dank. i do got a few that would just b a headache though if i picked em now. i think im gona give em a few more days them prolly chop em down

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