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  1. Hi guys new to the hobbie and was after some help identifyide an issue im having.
    Looks like nute burn but not using nutes.
    Using a t5 slim line tube lights so no heat coming off them (done the hand test)
    Its like a white spot getting bigger on all leafs
    Plants are about 5 days old

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  2. Humidity is at 80% with good flow would you still get mold then? Or should i reduce the humidity?
  3. It looks like the soil is saturated. Did you just water?
    I’m not sure it’s mold but that’s what it looks like to me.
    That’s pretty humid but vegging plants like humidity.
    Maybe someone else can verify it.
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  4. I start my seedlings under a single T5. Six inches above until true leaves, then drop the light to three and a half inches. Once established, I run eight T5s at three and a half inches above canopy.
    Are you burning your seedlings?
  5. Its coco with perlite. Yeah i use water at a ph of 6.1. Yeah i read somewhere to have it at 80% then lower it to 60/70% is 80% too high then?
  6. Lights about 4/5" above the plants it was about 6" or 7" above when that white started lowered light as plants where stretching.
    Recommend raising the lights?

  7. Im using maxibright t5
  8. No... T5s at 3 1/2” works for me.
    Sorry... no help.
  9. Ok mate no worries. Thanks for the reply tho.
    Take it easy
  10. How many T5s are on the seedling?
  11. Its a duel t5 tube. Slim line tubes
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  13. Did you pre-charge and rinse your coco? That could be your problem.
    What is the ppm and pH coming out?
    I don't think it's the light - I use a t5 and put it within inches without problems.
    May I suggest you learn how to properly grow in coco?
    Here's a good place -
    Good luck.
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  14. Yeah rinsed it 3 times unril the PH run off was 6.5 its now at about 6.1 and precharged it with root stuff and shogun start. Not sure about ppm as still waiting for my meter to turn up gotta love sweet cheers il check it out
  15. You do know you shouldn't use plain water with coco don't you?
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  16. Ah ok no i didnt know that. First time doing it. What should i be using? RO water?
  17. I think he gave you a great link to find out. I’m reading it now.
  18. You should be using a weak nutrient solution - never plain water of any kind.
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