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  1. If I'm just starting to use diamond nectar as foliar, should I use 1/4th strength of the reccomended dose?

    It calls for 50ml per liter. Which seems like a lot. 1/4th of 50ml is 12.5ml, or am I good just going the full 50ml per liter?
  2. When it comes to nutrients I always start small and work up .
    1/4 would probably be best .

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  3. But if the dose calls for 1/4th per gallon I'd need to go 1/4th of 1/4th?
  4. I always always always start at 1/3rd strength for any nutrient and work my way up until I see the first signs of nute burn then I back off so I know exactly how much each plant can take keep in mind different strains react differently what works for 1 plant doesn’t always work for the next better to be on the safe side and work your way into it
  5. Right but if it calls for 1/4th tsp per gallon, how much would 1/4th of 1/4th be lol
  6. 1/16

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  7. I’d start with an 1/8th or 1/16th
  8. Or somewhere in between
  9. Hey sdrodbuster can I ask you a question while you’re here also I got some plants late in flower and the sugar leaves are yellowing and have some brown spots my pistils are still whiteish but the trichs are all milky white I started flushing 2 days ago wondering if I should harvest ASAP before those sugar leaves spread to the buds? Or you think it’ll be alright to let her go for a bit?
  10. If you could check her out and possibly give me any advice
  11. In cooking that's officially a pinch:
    Smidgen=1/32nd tsp
    Pinch = 1/16th tsp -- usually associated with dry measure. (one quarter of a quarter tsp)
    Dash = 1/8th tsp -- usually associated with liquid measure.

    Of course, you don't really measure like that in cooking. A pinch is literally what you pinch between thumb and forefinger. On the other hand, there are measuring spoons that measure a pinch, dash, etc. :p

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