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  1. Hi my weed plant lower leafs always dry off what to do ? please help , and if its possible to identify strain i would be happy. Thanks for help.

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  2. Is that a clone in a solo cup? Honestly it looks like the tip of a branch in early flower was cut off a plant and cloned.

    Aside from that its green, i dont see this yellowing you're talking about.
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  3. repot into something bigger.
  4. Shit looks crazii.. where they do that @??
  5. I don't want to sound rude but a few leaves drying is the least of this plant's problems. I mean, everything is wrong
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  6. It could be a cutting from a flowering plant. It is called monster cropping. When you reveg s clone taken in flower, they turn into very bushy monsters. Hence the name.
    And again, if this is a clone, it could have been acquired with the issues that it has now through no fault of the o.p.
    But also could be a plant that was put into 12/12, right from sprout. Who knows?

    Hey, o.p., give us some more info so we can help.
    As far as strain, 0 chance anyone can guess by looking at a pic.
  7. Hard to tell much about it from that pic, but I have a couple outdoors, they are from bag seed, and both look VERY similar to yours, they are hermies (both sexes, self pollinated and seedy)

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