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  1. i guys my seedling leaf started drying and now its has some spots on it what do you think?
    is it ph problem?\
    he is the only one with problem out of 11 plants
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  2. Geez where to start..ALGAE!! Overwatered.
    More info plz..Medium, light, age, strain, etc?
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  3. hmmmm
    algae is from the high humidity it shouldent to that dmg to the plant
    im using coco so not overwatering
    age 1 week cant you see?
    lol strain will help you know the problem?
    its 1 out of 11 plant that got this problem i thinks its the ph too high
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  4. OK..since you asked for help, but know all..CYA..
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  5. Agreed. Overwatering symptoms. It's not true that you can't overwater coco. No, you don't want it to dry out like soil, but it needs to breathe. Overwatering symptoms just mean that the roots aren't getting enough O2 from whatever of a multitude of reasons. I grow coco - and I have zero algae. That it's growing shows that it's too damp constantly.
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  6. Leaf curl virus. Or fungal from the extra water. Light airid soil is best for seedlings. Quarantine it and let it grow i would like to see what it looks like.
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  7. all good i downloded anti virus i think it will all be ok
    and yep it was high ph problem
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  8. You're not willing to hear opinions and then you have petty replies to those that try to help? Come on man that's just not cool. Cya.

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