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  1. first week into flowering and my dam lights didn't turn on last night, so my plants went 24hrs in dark. Should I worry?

  2. Should just make it ripen faster. Danger arises from too little dark. Definitely better than having the lights on too long and getting hermies

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  3. Thanks for the response man! One more question if you don't mind.. is it normal for the lower leaves to start dying as the plant ages? Thanks
  4. Depends how far along into flower you are. It's natural for them to start pulling nutrients from their leaves if you're nearing the end of flowering but if you're only like 2 - 3 weeks then no

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  5. No worries about 1 day.

    Can be due to lack of light or if the first single leaves. Don't worry but if your fans are yellowing first week get some nutes in there. First 3 weeks liken to a teenager. Going eat like fuck and shoot up.

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  6. It's only a few leaves at the bottom. The rest of the plant looks great!

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