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  1. This has just happened in the past couple days, I'm not sure what's wrong.

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  2. Are you in a legal state? I would hope so lol
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  3. Its probably lack of light judging by the stretching. The stem wasnt strong enough to hold it so it toppled over. You are going to need real lights or put it outside
  4. Looks like it needs a bigger pot and some water
  5. I'd personally toss that plant and start over completely.(again me personally).. unless you can put that plant outdoors... but indoors that plants just going to be a waste of time imh instead of starting over properly and getting a decent yield.

    The plant itself looks healthy enough nutrient wise minus some burnt tips but it just doesn't have nearly the light it needs to do what it gotta do...

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  6. The stem doesn't look very strong to withhold it. It is certainly a light issue. Try providing some artificial support to the plant and then put it in a place where there is an adequate sunlight. At night, use high-pressure sodium lights at night. (primarily used for flowering stage) and blue and white fluorescent lights at vegetative state.

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