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  1. So I have some kind of nutrient deficienties and I'm going to flush my plant today. I've never flushed a plant before. I have a 3 gallon pot. How much water do I use? how should I ph the water? Thanks
  2. You don't have deficiencies lol you have an excess amount of nutes imo. That's why I recommended flushing and I'd say a good 7-9 gallons of water should do it... just take your time and poor in increments so it drains out nicely before giving it anymore so maybe a gallon every 5 min until you poured the whole 8 gallons or so.

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  3. Yea, that's what I meant lol. That much water won't affect the plant?
  4. Nah just let her dry out real nice afterwards. Worst thing you can do is water her to soon after.

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  5. Does it matter when I do it? As far as while the lights are on or the dark cycle?

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