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  1. i have this green slime on my leaves. Wtf is it??

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  2. Foxfarms soil, 450w Viparspectra, humidity between 40-57
  3. Btw Make sure your big fan leaves are not touching your soil
  4. My plant is short and bushy. How do I keep the leaves out of the soil?
  5. Pinch off any leaves that touch the soil.
  6. Pull them off?
  7. cut them off at the base of the stem. having then touch the soil invites insects and other problems.
  8. Why not let them touch the soil? I've never heard that before nor have I ever had an issue with it.
  9. Best off using your thumb nail (clean!!!) to cut (pinch).
    If you don't believe us, you will invite pests and PM into your garden!
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  10. I am also a believer in a layer of sand or gnat nix, or perlite over the top of your soil to help in prevention too.
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  11. You could also use diatomaceous (food grade) earth on your soil to prevent infestation.
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  12. I found that top watering with DE is tough. It clumps up and seems to wash away

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