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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Halfwit, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. So I'm trying to make a basic simple syrup, sugar and water, infused with THC. My question is "Do I need VG, vegetable glycerin, or can I make a VG free syrup?" And "What is the benefit/purpose of the glycerin?"
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    For a simple syrup you use sugar and water 2:1 Do you already have something infused with thc or are you starting from scratch with buds? I don't know anything about VG, but I know about simple syrup. I would make a green dragon tincture according to PsychedelicSam's recipe then do a solvent transfer to the simple syrup. The alcohol will quickly cook off leaving your thc in your syrup. In his thread PSam also tells how to make thc infused honey. Be sure to decarb 240F for 40 minutes before making your green dragon. The reason I would do this is if you cooked decarbed bud in the syrup you couldn't strain it out. Of course you cook your syrup until it's as thick as you want it, but don't add your GD (if you try this) while the syrup is real hot. PSam gives good directions. Good luck.
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  3. Mate, check out PsychedelicSam's Another Tincture Thread. There is an index in the first post with directions for all kinds of stuff.
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  4. I'm using bud shake decarbed at 240 degrees for 40 minutes. So I'm guessing the VG is a binder so that the thc binds to the VG and stays in the syrup
  5. If you can stand the slight taste of herb, and don't mind having plant matter in the syrup, then the simplest thing to do is decarb the herb (240 F for 40 min using an oven thermometer works well), grind it to powder, then add it to any syrup. This is exactly what I'd do (and actually do using nutella instead of syrup), but I'd probably add it to a store bought, flavored syrup to hide the slight herb taste. You could try this with as little as 1 gram to see whether you like it.

    Once the herb is decarbed, it is as potent as it will ever be, and any more processing involving heat could degrade it. Most people prefer mixing, or eating with something oily to aid digestion. In the case of syrup, the oil in pancakes or butter should suffice.

    If you don't want the plant matter in the syrup, then your most efficient strategy is to first make 190 proof everclear tincture (only slightly difficult), possibly reduce it to FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil), and then add it to anything, including syrup.

    Oil and glycerin are very bad at removing medicine from the herb (Oil 50% efficient, glycerin worse), as lab tests and many reports of potent, strained out sludge have shown. I strongly recommend that you avoid strained oil/glycerin when making edibles.

    Whatever you decide to do, dosage is an important consideration, and you must keep track of how much herb goes into how much syrup.
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  6. There is no "binding" going on, which would be a chemical reaction that we would expect to see carefully described in the scientific cannabis literature. Oil helps most peoples' digestive systems get the thc from their stomachs into their blood streams.

    Eating plain, decarbed herb will knock you out.
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  7. Commercial cannabis syrups often sold in dispensaries use VG as an emulsifier to help with cohesion/texture of the syrup and not as the infusing agent. The syrup is infused with the alcohol tincture and the alcohol evaporated out before you use the vg, if you want to use the vg. I don't. The cannabinoids are carried by the sugar molecules in the syrup.

    Another way to make your syrup is to infuse the cane sugar with the Green Dragon extraction then use that sugar to make your syrup. Both methods work. :)
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