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  1. Hey of there is anyone that could point me in the right direction into saving my plants I have no idea what seems to be going on any help is appreciated
  2. Sorry dude that was me I stepped on your plant.

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  3. ????Post some photos and some information or we can't help you.
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  4. What Mahmo said.

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  5. Can't help you if you don't provide any info. Plants size, age, strain, seed or clone, soil or other grow medium, nutrients feed, and pest management sprays? Those are all areas that should be included so we can help. If all else fails buy a grow book. I recommend Jorge Cervantes' Cannabis Encyclopedia.

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  6. I can't figure out how to add photos I thought i had added 3 photos when u posted it, guess not.
  7. 20170724_205057.jpg 20170724_205057.jpg

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  8. I have some plants in cattle and sheep compost and others in potting soil in using fox farm grow big and fox farm tiger bloom and ebson salt the ones that are mainly being effected are my seedlings 3 of them, my clones look like they are starting to do the same tho I'm a beginner grower
  9. I'm thinking nitrogen deficiency. What have you been feeding them?
  10. I've been feeding them fox farm grow big with ebson salt haven't fed them alot this season only a few times so far
  11. Maybe others will chime in here. But to me it looks like they need a balanced NPK and you are low on the "N". Are you in the ground? In smart pots? What is your medium? If you are in the ground, did you amend your soil with anything?
  12. Looks like nitrogen toxicity to me. Sheep shot is way to hot to amend with. Just my idea
  13. Should I just try and flush them out
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  14. I personally disagree with nitro tox....

    The leaves would be darker curled and probably burnt on the tips..

    Also nitro deficiencies I could of sworn start from the bottom... the bottom leaves transfer their nitro into new growth and yellow out and die... someone can correct me if I'm wrong but that's always been my understanding...

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  15. Yes this is what I have read supposedly it could be a zinc or iron deffincancy they tend to start on the newer growth
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  16. Cow manure is also too hot, it needs to be "baked" in the sun for a while before use.

    Op would have been better with chicken manure.
  17. Well i would say to flush them out. More than likely this is a lockout not a deficiency.
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  18. Any advice on flushing them out?
  19. Use 3x as much water as you have soil.

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  20. It needs to be properly ph'd 5.5 - 6.2
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