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  1. sheesh..I got seeds from 2 different folks and can,t seem to sprout either.
    I put some in wet paper towels and some in wet soil and some in potted soil and still nothing ..Its been a week or more and not a single sign..temps are about 75f so I can,t think of whats going wrong..
    first time in 30 yrs :eek:(
    VERY dissappointed :confused:
  2. Hello tamatik ,
    Are these seeds that you bought from a seed bank ? , or just seeds someone gave you ?

    After germinating a week in wet paper towels they should be starting to split the seed open along its suture (seam)......usually only takes 3 to 10 days or so.

    Also ...........send me your Email address ,so I can attach that growbook ya wanted.


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  3. Soak said seeds in a glass of water overnight then to the damp paper towel for a day then to a moist soil in a 4" pot
  4. If this is the first time its happened to you in 30 years probably some dud seeds.  Personally I've never germinated, I just plant into moist soil with saran wrap over the pot and placed directly under light.

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