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    New to this an not sure what's goin wrong looks like the older leaves are dying off but the plant is continuing to grow but those spots are startin to get to the top leaves an ik this isn't normal
  2. Have u got water on them when feeding

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  3. Should give a bit more info.

    What kind of soil

    How often are you watering

    Type of nutrients used if any.
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    It's been raining a lot so usually that waters it but I try to keep the soil moist usually I'll water it once a day
  5. Need more info.

    you feeding yet?
    how often are you watering?
    Soil mix?
    Are you PHing the water?
  6. Looks like a calcium deficiency. Could be from PH lockout if you aren't PHing your water because it looks like it is lacking in N also.
  7. Still tryna figure these forums out but yea I haven't checked the water
  8. You want to let it dry out before giving it water, once a day is too much. Perlite is great, miracle grow perlite, not so much as its time release. The feed is also not a great source for cannabis I'd ditch that stuff. Your PH is mostly out of wack becuase of all the MG nutes. I'd try a transplant into some different soil, or into the coir with some different perlite.
  9. This^

    Once a day IS WAY TOO MUCH!

    Let it dry out first
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  10. So I should try to add some calcium an nitrogen? An what do you guys mean by if I'm feeding yet? Like if I'm giving it other nutrients
  11. This here is what is worrying me about your soil.

    MG perlite has time release nutes (good for veg, bad for flower as it gives too much N)
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  12. What we mean is are you giving the plant nutrients at all. And how often and how are you giving it to them.
  13. Alright gotcha I'll try that then yea the miracle Fri one was the only one they had so I'll have to order some online or find a diff store are there any nutrients you'd recommend that are specifically for this cause I thought that plant food was for other things but figured it might work
  14. An i mixed it in with the water an if I'm watering it to much there prob getting to much of that too
  15. But maybe a couple times a week I'll add like a third of a solo cup of the water in there
  16. Yea I'm gonna try an get it out of there as soon as possible
  17. U don't need to water every day

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  18. If you can find a hydroponic store near you, you can find some good nutrients. I personally use General Hydroponics Flora series and I have no issues with it.

    Your best option is to look for some Pro-Mix Perlite (it has no nutrients) and mix it about 30% perlite to 70% coir and transplant her into that.

    Also you should NEVER be feeding every watering with a soil grow like yours. You should do feed-water-water allowing 20% of the water you gave as runoff to prevent salt buildup from nutes.

    Also pick up some Dolomitic lime and add it to your soil per directions. It will act as a PH buffer and a calcium supplement.

    Also get a PH test kit and PH down and up. You'll want to PH your water to about 6.7 everytime.

    A tip for watering, let it dry out COMPLETELY and kind of weigh it with your hands. Add water and weigh it again. You should be able to tell if it needs watering by the weight. but the best option is to let it dry out before you water again.

    Deficiency Chart:
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    Thanks for the help guys completely switched out the soil relaxed with the watering, actually notice the soil getting dry now an got rid of that plant food haven't gotten any new nutes yet but just the soil change an the dieing stopped spreading the bad leaves fell off an it's started growin again

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