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  1. What does this look like to you? Any opinions would be much appreciated.

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  2. Uhh..what? Did you forget to type something?
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  3. I'm no expert, but one possibility could be an excess of fertilizer which can lead to a burn of sorts in the leaves
  4. Thnx for the response but that has been ruled out, I have used no nutes to this point and the soil I transplanted it to two days ago has less nutes in it.
  5. The more info you supply the more accurate the members response,

    I see many fuckups here(srry) the red stems intricate poor temp control, the perished leaves ..excess (n) the deep veins over watering, the dead tips poor venting, too low humidity

    of concern is the necrotic(leaf edge) margins, are you using ozone..? or some strange shit,..?

    ur turn...?
  6. No ozone or strange shit, temps hover between 75-79, himidity around 65%, have a fan running blowing air upward, i prolly should get another to run exhaust out the top, i havent added any nutes, the medium it is in now has even less available nutrients before, I transplanted because yes i felt the soil was not aerated enough causing symptoms of overwatering, also the stems prolly look red because of the led lighting. Also for reference i transplanted 2 days ago, im thinking of maybe getting a fabric pot and transplant again and increase the perlite ration for even more aeration.
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  7. allways with the knowledge :)
  8. Hi love. Just a thought.... im no expert but ya mentioned ya not usin nutes and dun a transplant into a different siol etc. Have ya considered a deficiency??? Pic in lights but white and dying edges etc normally mean lack of nures or ph or sumthing not letting ya trace elements in u siol not get to ya plant. Iron shows white patches- well iron defiecincy ... just a thought. I used to think that cos i didnt add nutes them nutes cud not be the problem!!! I learnt the hard way about deficiecies etc... not saying deficiency is yr prob but pls check it out.... try not to transplant soon unless absolutley nessasary love as ya may shock em too much . anyway hope this may help... gud luck love and i hope it all goes good for you xxxx
  9. Ps appoligies regardin my spellin etc as slitely dislexic and cant spel four toffee xxx
  10. All good, but yes it was a ph problem which was causing lockout and thus deficiencies. That has all been taken care of and nutes will be in the next watering, what i was really wandering at this point was should in cut off the fan leaves at the top or try to let them recover? I feel it might be too late for them.
  11. Hi love. I always gentally push on stem of leaf and shud come of easily wi hardly no preasure. If still holding tight then leave em on love. They will go all yellow and spent wi in a few days if not doing plant gud. I personall do that like i said . Press on stem of leaf. If it dont snap easy then not ready to go... the plant will naterally want rid and make it easy to go if she as finished with the leafs nutriants etc.... however if it starts going all mouldy or suspect then cut. If nit leave till plant leys it go easy... hope this helps love.. good luck xxxx
  12. That was very helpful, thank you for the advice.
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  13. Clarkes says 'leaf the leafs on' ..use as control point so you know if your shit worked

    a really good book ..consider:

    Marijuana Botany

    but you got a good grasp on that plant, don't wear her out, leaf her be ,,lol

    good luck

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