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  1. I'm not sure if the wholes in this leave is indicative to bug problems. I have a few leaves scattered through my canopy ( maybe 2 others) with slight holes. They almost seem like the there is a tear at the veins of the leaves. Any ideas? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Hi . This prob is totally wrong but i ad same.. no bugs wats so ever but did av a nitrogen prob.. did get it sorted and it messed my mag and calcium etc up but all down to ph and too much nitro. All leaves brill and healthy since but did see simular holey leaves like yrs. If ya got nute or ph probs it may ve worth taking that into consideratation. Like i say .. i am nit an expert in anyway shape or form and may been coincidence i had same looking leaf prob along wi my ph. Nute prob...... hope it helps. If defo no bugs in ya root or on plant maybe worth considering? Good luk and wish u all the best xxx
  3. Hey thanks! I looked into it and I was short on Cal mag. Readjusted my reservoir water and everything looks great!

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  4. Brilliant . So glad it got sorted and they now coming on healthy. Hopefully ya will be ok and get sum nice buds at end of this.. all tge best and let me no how ya go love xx☺
  5. Little update on the ladies. I'm at day 28 of bloom and things seem to be going great. I think I flowered a little early and could have filled the tent more. But any ways here they are: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. I don't think you flowered too early, especially since you're doing a scrog. The plants generally double or triple in flower...depending the strength of the flower lighting, and when you have to tie down that much growth over a period of 2 months can get tiring. Next time you post pics of your plants, make sure you take them all under normal lighting. Unless you have the software to adjust the white balance from hps lighting, all the pictures have a heavy yellow cast on them and you can't tell anything about them when they're like that. They're getting about half way through the flower cycle now...for most strains, and you'll start seeing some dying off and shedding begin to take place of the large outer leaves and the plant starts to direct all it's energy over the last few weeks, into pumping up those buds right before they get ready to harvest. Some die off will occur all the way throughout the plant's life and veg/flower cycles and is perfectly normal. Looks like you've done a great job!! TWW

  7. Thanks! As you could imagine I'm like a nervous mom with her babies right now. Every little thing makes me panic and I'm always looking for a helpful word on the forum. I have been noticing a little bit of die off in my fan leaves. Do you have an opinion ( of course you do. We all do) on trimming the fan leaves not associated to the flower off during this time to allow more light to the flowers?

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  8. Is this normal die off? It's only one plant. But all 6 are in the same root container. [​IMG][​IMG]

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