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  1. Need help. My gorilla grow tent 4x4 is coming in the mail tomorrow I want to get it set up. I want to get my seedlings in the dirt what lights can I get for cheap. Before I get a 1000w hps in a week or so

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  2. You're not going to need any hps lighting for a long time if you don't even have seeds in soil yet. You've got to grow them to a point that they're large enough to flower before you need the big hps lamp. You better set that tent up with some seriously good ventilation for the heat that lamp is going to create when you do have to use it because they are HOT. We run 4 of them per room and we have to run a rather large BTU air conditioner in there while they're on to control the heat..along with in line ventilation and 2 400 cfm fans going. Our flower room is about 8 x 12 or close to it. 4 x 4 is kind of a small space for a light that large. How many do you plan on trying to flower off in there? We've found that about 5 or maybe 6 plants, depending on the strain, is all you can grow under one 1000 watter and give every plant sufficient even lighting. Otherwise, you end up with a lot of shading when you crowd more in and sort of shoot yourself in the foot as far as yield goes. But in a 4 x 4 tent, you're not going to have room for more than 3 or 4 plants anyway. But heat will definitely be a problem with that lamp during flower. There is a good bit more to this than just tossing seeds in soil and waiting for the magic to happen. I suggest you get in the new grower threads here and do some serious reading about "how" to grow these plants successfully. There is a process and some basics that you desperately need to know before you even plant a seed or you're going to be back on here in a day or two asking silly questions. Read in the new grower threads and also read in the grow setup threads. There are thousands of people with tents your size and various setups under various size lights. But I would suggest you buy some fluorescent lamps to veg under to start with. Actually, we veg under 4ft, 4 lamp T5s...which are just fluorescent tubes in the correct spectrum, and they handle the plants nicely. You'll need to get on a website and figure out what spectrum you need to buy for veg and you need to put as many of them around your plants as you can just to make them grow good. When you're using lamps out of Home Depot, you're not getting a lot of strength with them and more light makes bigger better plants. But do the reading I told you about so you have somewhat of an inkling on how to grow these plants without drowning them or killing them in other ways. It's quite easy to do if you don't have even a clue where to start. Good luck and happy reading! TWW

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