1. So I have this little bong, about six inches. And I bought a bowl for it but I have since broke it, and I don't remember the size for the bowl. Anyone that can tell me? Also is there a bowl this small for oil??

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  2. I would measure it, and head over to the headshop.

    Or, bring it with you.

  3. Thats the shitty thing, the nearest headshop is like four hours away, in Colorado.
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  4. Maybe order online? Or have someone else order if you can't.

  5. There ha got to be some shifty little smoke shop near you that sells this type of shit. There is literally a smoke shop on every corner in the burbs of Vegas so even in a one horse town there has to be at least a single smoke shop.

    Here is what I would do though...
    Look up in the Internet the diameters of the different joint sizes you think it might be. You will very quickly see which is which. Get a solid glass bowl this time.

    As far as dabbing with that little guy? Oh fuck no, I sure wouldn't try it. There is a reason they make rigs specifically for dabbing and while some bongs and what not are thick enough for dabbing, I think that little guy won't cut the mustard. Unless you get a little atomizer attachment for it.

    Kind of like a globe type e-pen with a rig or bong attachment. Runs off of a wand or stick type battery and coils. It gives milky fucking hits! It isn't much more then the price of a good nail or banger. I love mine. Charge it, hit it, get baked. Be sure to get a battery with a voltage adjustment at some point.
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  6. Thank youuuuu my good sir.

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