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  1. Ok so a couple weeks ago i found a seed. I germinated it and to my surprise it sprouted. Its been a couple weeks now and the plant has actually grown. I had 1 light over it. I had a light used for reptiles lol idk the brand. Now i have it in a box under that same light and a new 150 w cfl. 
    While more leaves are growing. The stem seems weak ( cannot hold itself up ). The first couple leaves started to turn yellow and brown now. 
    I used a random soil, but now i want to change and use an all natural soil. 
    I don't want anything crazy i want to do an organic grow and just see what happens. I need a new soil so any advice? And also how do i take the plant out of the soil its in now and into some new soil. 

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    If its in as bad of shape you make it sound it may not make it through a transplant. Let's see a pic. The yellowing leaves might be normal, but without seeing its hard to say
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    Your plant is likely VERY light-hungry! When a leaf does not get enough light to produce food for the plant, the plant cuts its losses and kills the leaf. Get a few more CFLs in there- the bigger the better!

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    agreed with granny, also the CFL bulbs should be about 4" from your plant to be effective. a small fan should keep the air circulating but be careful the wind doesn't break your stem. a light breeze will strengthen your stem.

    organic growing takes a lot of research. if you haven't done the reading yet I would recommend organics on your next grow.
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    To strengthen the stem up, put a small oscillating fan on it. Not blowing it really hard, just enough to wiggle the leaves around. Make sure the fan oscillates, not blowing on it 24/7. If you want to make an organic soil, it needs to sit for a month before you can use it, so you may be better off going with some fox farm or something like that. I guess you could try a bag of miracle grow, but im not sure how well that would work for you. To transplant into new soil, have your new pot with soil ready. In the new soil, dig a hole the size of the cup its in now. Let the soil in the cup dry out. That way the root ball will stay intact. Put your hand over the top of the cup, with the plant between your fingers. Not pinching it, just resting. Turn the cup over, give it a tap on the bottom, and it should come out. Put it in the hole, water it in, and fill any holes, and viola! Transplanted!
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    Is the one cfl good enough? Its 150 wats. i can get it as close as needed . I will get a fan soon and timer, what is best organic soil? 
  7. any way to get rid of the current soil its in?
  8. No, you don't need to get rid of it. The roots will grow through it into the new soil. If you just pull it out of the soil its in now, it will die. As far as the cfl, I would think 150w is enough to grow a small plant, but im not expierenced with cfls. I do know that you need to keep right on the plant. Like an inch away.
    Thank you.. what should i do to the new all natural soil besides water it. I don't want to use nutrients i want it to be an organic grow.
  10. Well like I said, you wont be able to do an all natural organic soil because it takes a month for it to be ready. I don't know if that plant would survive in that cup another month. If you get some miracle grow, yeah just water it. But like I said, im not sure how well it would work. If you go with fox farm or something like that from a grow shop, it has enough nutrients to last a while but you need to supplement with liquid nutrients. Ive always been organic, so I cant help with a feeding schedule or anything like that.

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