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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bribrihate, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone. Until yesterday morning, I've been clean for 2 months, maybe a little longer. I'm unemployed and looking for work. It didnt seem like anyone was going to call back so I figured Id smoke what little weed I had left. It was a VERY small amount. Only took 2 hits tops to smoke it, it was a tiny piece of a nug. So of course I get called for an interview tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Not sure they'll test at the interview tomorrow, but I'm afraid they will. If they do, do you think I'll be able to pass if I drink a ton of water? Thanks

  2. They probably won't test you at the interview itself unless you're applying to a doctor's office or something like that, but maybe you should start drinking some water!
  3. It's an interview at Wal Mart, and yes, they test at the interview. I've asked friends who work there. Think I'll pass? I'm gonna go get a home drug test tonight and see what it says. If I pass that Ill feel a little better, but not much since a lab test is more in depth.
  4. you wont past legally, but if you cheat the system, yes. 
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    Well, how?

    I'm really hoping drinking water, not giving my first piss of the day, only giving midstream sample, taking 4 aspirins a few hours before I go in, and taking vitamin B to add color back to my urine works.
  6. sounds like you know what your doing. sorry i'm not knowledgeable in cheating the system. 
  7. #7 SlightlyStonedSD, Nov 12, 2014
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    cheating the system?? it's not for parole its for a job.

    do you think smokers are incapable employment?
    well you know what i mean, passing the drug test. i never had to do parole so excuse me if I didn't know it was associated with that term. 
    as for if I think smokers are incapable employment, no. such words can trigger unsettling emotions.
  9. I didn't mean to hurt you. Good day.
  10. #10 halowmrstoner, Nov 12, 2014
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    thanks, i'm not hurt. i hope the same for you. i mean such words trigger unsettling emotions for you.
  11. if you're literally going to drink a ton of water, maybe.  if not, no chance.
  12. Use synthetic urine

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  13. The test is tomorrow. Can't get synthetic urine on such short notice. Nowhere in my town would have it and ordering online would take too long.
  14. Lol, what kind of Walmart drug tests at an interview? I've worked at Walmart before and never had to deal with that shit.  :laughing:
  15. Just took a First Check drug test for THC. I passed it. I guess all I have to worry about is them auto failing me for having a diluted sample from all the water that I've drank.
  16. Since when does any job, especially Wally World, test the same day of the interview?

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  17. I thought the same thing. But 2 people I know that work there said they were tested at the interview.
  18. You are not tested at the interview, in fact you will have multiple interviews and then drug test and background check a few days after.
  19. People who actually work there say otherwise...
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    lol no you wont pass a drug test by drinking water it dosnt work like that if they give you a piss test and you drank a ton of water itll just show up as diluted  and you will have to take it again or they will just say fuck off but i drug tests cost money they probably wont give you a test on the first interview unless they really want to hire you
    if you are tested at the interview your fucked unless you can get some one to loan you fake piss

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