1. im just wondering if anyone else has this problem, up the top the search bar is out of place and the forums are mashed together. see the screenshot:
    maybe its just me because this happened right after i installed the latest chrome update. any help?

  2. don't see any troubles here myself with chrome latest version, what OS are you running? Have you tried another browser?
  3. im running windows 8.1 and it doesnt happen when i use internet explorer, but i'd rather use chrome. maybe i could install firefox and use that. i just found it odd that it happened right after i installed the latest update for chrome.
  4. I am using with no issues at all. What is your screen resolution ?
  5. ahhh thats what it was, i had chrome zoomed in to 110% so i could read the text easier. i put it back to %100 and its back to normal.

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