Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by production, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. OMG i put my plant under the new fluro's(4/5ish) and went out drivin around high and when i came back (about 20 minutes ago) i checked on my plants and noticed the top leaves have began to sag(maybe wilt) and it cant be from overwatering because i havent watered them since the transplant(2 days ago) and the soil is still moisty at the top, is this normal or is there cause for concern?????????

  2. Did you water it before or after transplant? There's a chance you might've overwatered if it's still moist on top. Take a handful of soil and squeeze it. If water's coming out then you did overwater.

    Sometimes it takes a plant a little time to recover from a time you water it put a couple drops of SuperThrive in the mix.
  3. I think you could spray the leaves and water the soil. I do the soil once every 60 hours (entire grow period) and spray the tops every 4 hours (lights on only).
  4. soil is perfect, not to wet and not to dry, im beginin to think transplant shock maybe because this mornin the plant has picked up it's leaves and shown some love :}

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