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  1. What up blades? I got a situation over here! My plant is looking rough! Over 2 weeks it got to this. It seems like its withering up and dying the leaves are yellowing the stemis a really deep purple and its just sickly im not sure what to do with it! Any help woild be appriciated! Thanks!

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  2. Its sitting there stunted in soggy wet soil. get more light and stop watering it.
  3. Thanks!

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  4. can you get some more light on it? Give it some summertime like conditions?
  5. Not right now all i got for it is those 2 bulbs theyre 27w 5000k. They worked great for the plant i cut this clone off of when she was in veg. I forgot to mention she got burnt by the light about 2 weeks ago

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  6. And its on ass 24/0 light cycle

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