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  1. I heard that when the little buggers first pop up out of the soil they slow the growth above the soil and start rooting real good. Someone correct me if im wrong. My true leaves are as tall as tey are wide from one tip of one leave to the other tip of the other leaf. Each one. One is smaller than the other. Still green as can be. The stalks are adark color with little hairs. The ph kept testing around 7 with a digital ph meter. It goes 6.5 then some times 7 so i put drops of ph down in some water aNd watered both with it. I just hope a big ball of roots i will see 3 weeks from now. Any seasoned veteran can guide a noob it will be great. Comparing with other noobs gets me no where as they are in the same boat as me. I love taling to them but I need a little reassurance
  2. Need a picture. But it sounds fine. How old is she? In dirt? How big is the container? What kind of dirt? Any nutes yet?
  3. I put a very diluted about 1/4 or less strength per lable of the nutes. I have all ff except kln and protekt and ph down. I was told not to add any nutes for first month. The containers are small. The tallest one, the one to the right and the first single pic of a plant is in light warrior and a litlle happy frog. The other one. The left one and second plant and the shortest but the broadest leaves is i. All happy frog that i put nutes in when i planted it. 1/4 strenght of kln, protect and big bloom. I flushed it with water a couple hours later because i was affraid of nute burn. I put a very little bit, like Four to five small eye dropper full of the trio i put in the happy crog but i halfed it with distilled water.. i have all ff nutes. I planted the short one threedays before the left one. 24 and 27 th of jan.they are in 2 1/2" pots to start. I have 2 gallon smart pots for them. I have a 2 part ocean fresh and one part light warrior and i added more perlite. So thats about it. Thanks

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  4. Last pic is a fan formore circulation since my bulb is keeping tmp high. Its a 150 watt cfl. The input. Cri 91. The container is my co2 yeast and sugar. Lol.
  5. have you tried reading "any," of the stickies, lol???  sounds like you know nothing about growing.  you don't feed seedlings "anything."  so you put yours in a pre-ferted medium, and you fed them, brilliant!!!  either read some stickies, or just buy weed.  you should at the very least learn the basics.  you don't want to be coming here every day asking questions that have been asked a million times.  did you even try using the search button???
  6. I am new to this site. Like I have said, I know absolutely nothing about growing, hence me in begginers, ask for help. Im not an idiot and dont like to be treated as if i am. You may be extremely good at growing, but to tell me to not keep asking, i dont understand. I wont post as much anymore. Its not like i do it in other areas. I do it in the beginners. I have asked for guidance, not a butt chewing. have no clue what stickies are. Everyone was where I am at one point in their life. No ones perfect. I made a mistake and learned from it when I planted into a medium that I put nutes in. I wont do shit to them but water. I have them 4 inches from my light and I will just keep an eye on the temp and the humidity and if it needs water ill water it with distilled water. The only water I use. I was getting conflicting replies. If I cant ask then whats the point. You know. I just want to learn. I read many beginners grow things that people put up. I dont have acres to grow or even 3 square feet. I have enough for one plant. I was told to put more perlight in with the light warrior. The one in the light warrior is my star ryder strain. The one that I messed up on is a strain that I bought that is very good for beginners because of its heartyness towards pests and other negative things that could happen. I will just water them. Thats all you could have said. Not chew my butt off. Im sorry im not as good as you, but again you were once where I am long ago or however long its been. I need guidance from someone like you. I dont want to spend anymore money than I have to. Did you see the plants. Do they look ok. The leaves have been growing. How do I use the stickys. So since the "damage" is done whatdo you suggest besides reading. Ill use the search and try to find out what the stickys are. Im sorry but I was just thrown back by what you said. When I get conflicting things it confuses me. Just let me know if the plants can be saved if I just let them go. I dont do any other light except cfl because of space. I have more seeds in case these die. I have learned now not to listen to anyone but a veteran on this site. Its just for me and the wife. One plant. I just didnt see the harm in asking questions. When I only get one reply I keep asking. Im sorry if I didnt follow the right procedure. Im lost in this dang site. Ok lost. I want to be as good as you or the other master growers. Sorry OB1, luke didnt listen and did what other members said. Let me know . Im sorry
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    ok, so i was a bit harsh.  but no, i've never been in your shoes.  i read for a year before i asked a single question, lol.  i would have been too embarrassed.  wouldn't have wanted some jerk like me saying to me what i said to you, lol...  but really, you don't know what a sticky is???  almost all sites have them, and not just pot sites.  a sticky is a permanent post that is at the top of the list of all of the different sub-forums.  it gives important info. that can/should be read by all folks new to the subject of the forum.  it explains certain/basic/special knowledge that can be a great help in learning.  as i said, you don't want to be at the mercy of other folks for info. that you should already know.  so, seedlings need zero nutes for a good 2 weeks.  that includes the medium you use.  those are still small enough to transplant into something else.  you can't flush out time released nutes.  once you get 3 alternating internodes, or 11-15 days, begin feeding at 1/4 strength.  that usually ends up being around 200-250 ppm.  if you're not gonna use hid lighting, then even less.  you'll get your questions much quicker by finding someone chronicling a grow similar to your own, and copy him.  that's how i began, copying someone else, and reading b.o.g.'s grow info....
    i'm no master grower.     
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    Lol. All he's trying to say is that the questions you have regarding feeding and plant care are in the stickies all over this forum. Just for your reference, a sticky is one of the posts at the top of the forum section that remains "stuck" at the top. Hence the name sticky. 

    Only IMPORTANT topics with really useful information are worthy of a 'sticky', so the threads at the top of the page are filled with really good information :) I recommend reading through every sticky you can find before you post questions as I can almost guarantee that the question has been asked, answered and in a sticky long before you asked it ;)

    EDIT: Oohk well this forum uses "Pinning" instead of stickies. But they're the same thing. If a topic says "PINNED" next to it, take a read and see what's in there. You're definitely ALLOWED to ask questions if something is made unclear, but just remember that if its a question that you think to yourself "How has no one asked this question before?!" it's probably been asked :D
  9. I dont know the site well. So if i was to go to the beginners part. How do i navigate. Im.a smart man but this site is confusing on where to find the info. Thanks for your help. Ill just learn by error. Only spent 100 dollars on 21 seeds and 4 strains. Three of which i can grow in my small space. I have northern lights and i have star ryder. If the star ryder and this other strain thats great for noobs dies ill start one northern light. Thanks for your help. I can grow a veg garden great but this is different. I have never planted from my own seed though. Lol.

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