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  1. Heres the deal guys. About 2 years ago i was a happy individual with many interests when i started smoking weed everyday. Slowly over time it became my favorite thing to do, everything is better on it. It got to the point where i could get medical so cheap as to take 10-15 bowl packs a day during work with blunts mixed in afterwards.

    Heres where i run into my problem. I dont really get high anymore. Dont get me wrong, when i take like 4-5 dabs i can feel it but i used to get retarted high off 2 hits of reggie. Now weed just makes me not feel like shit and is pretty boring. This is a pretty big deal to me because i used to LOVE weed. I feel like i am at a place where all of my old interests bore me because weed was so much better but now weed bores me so im super bored. I also need to add that i have tried t-breaks for 2 weeks, and another at 5 weeks and they only made my first high better. After that my tolerance went back up. I have used a variety of bongs, vapes, oils, hashish, quality, edibles, cannabutter, peices, pills, workout routines and diets, and i really just cant get that good high anymore.

    What do i do???
    I have no interest or hobbies that i love like i liked to smoke but i cant get the same high anymore... :,(
  2. I don't know, but if you find out, tell me because I don't get high either. Take a tolerance break?! I've tried that with no luck. Lol.
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    Take an even longer T break. I took one because i was forced for about a year and a half and the times i smoked after that i got baked like the first time i toked. I've found if you let weed become a non special thing it loses alot of it's appeal and gets quite boring. You need a break and then use weed as an event not a routine. I used to get excited everytime i smoked and then when i smoked everyday it just lost it's appeal and sense of fun it got tedious.
  4. Yeah take a longer T break. Try some psychedelic trips.
  5. Take a tolarance break. Sounds like yours is pretty massive, I would take 90 days.
  6. Take a break for a few months, not just to help with your tolerance, but the way you smoke. Seems like you just go at it too much. So when you go off tbreak usually, you just start going at it hard, and you let your tolerance skyrocket again. Have some moderation, smoke less during the day, and I guarantee you'll feel it.
  7. You cant have it both ways. If you are going to be high all the time, of course you will have a shitty high tolerance. If you really want to enjoy it, take a long break and then only smoke once or twice a day. You are going to have to find another hobby to fill your downtime. 
    You need to cut back. I let drugs run my life for the better part of two years and it was a pretty rough time in my life. I remember crying my eyes out on shit that was supposed to make you feel like a million dollars. It's easier said than done. Try your hardest to be like - I'll wait an hour or two before packing this bowl or something like that. Just drag it on - I did that until I'm like yeah... not gonna smoke until tonight and shit like that. It's tough, no doubt, but the feelings you're having are worth trying to fix.
    I have my 'Uncle ______'s Life Lessons' that I tell my niece. She's too young to understand so I tell her in ways that make sense. My first lesson is balance (which applies especially to you). I did a thing where we walked on the edge of a step keep our balance a bunch of times and I hope she grows up when shit like this comes to her and says... hey my uncle told me all about balance.
    :laughing: Sorry bout the random bit at the end.

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