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  1. Noticed this yesterday but ignored it I thought it would go away but now it's worse can anyone tell me what's wrong. nutrient burn? Or what?

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  2. Just.on leaves?
  3. The worst of it yes. There's a little on the lower leaves but not hardly as bad
  4. What soil are you using? And how does the new growth look?
  5. Coco coir and the new growth is fine I'm pretty sure it's nutrient burn cause its starting to happen to some of my other plants how can I fix this just flush em with plain PH ed water?
  6. Nutrient burn usually begins on the newer growth so you are probably looking at a deficiency

    Also how's the heat any chance of bulbs being to close?
  7. There 42 watt cfl bulbs about 2 inches away it's in a 16sq ft closet with the doors open all day and a box fan blowing on them all day and it's about 70-75 in the room all the time

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