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  1. Hi guys,

    My plant suddenly had its leaves turn yellow, brown and then just started falling off. The plant doesn't give a smell off anymore either :(

    So, here's the deal:
    1. Grown outside in a pot on my balcony (sub-tropical climate, hot, but protected from rain)
    2. No additives or special soil is given. These products are very hard to get here as well, so that's kind of a challenge.
    3. Watered about 1-1,5L a day before (went great for weeks), but now I don't give it too much water anymore to make sure I don't overwater it.
    4. I've been seeing little red spiders everywhere, but how do I remove them?

    Most of all: I'm a beginner, first grow ever and I don't know much about it. Also, I can't get hold of PH meters, etc etc. This country simply doesn't have it. So here's the catch: how do I kill the spiders, keep the plant alive by adding maybe nutrients (???) but without the professional stuff. I can only get simple stuff here :(:(

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  2. yea u did something terribly wrong, to me it looks like sumone poisend ur plant is that possible? ...besides that...that bud looks horrible, awful spot to grow i can tell its not even getting a fraction of the light it needs ..or its getting polluted by light during the night cycle and it doesnt know if its coming or going go get sum ferts anything u can put it in ..and make sure theres no light on at night,.. and try moving to more light in the day direct light ...and then even ur still prolly fucked ...but practice makes perfect
  3. Thanks for the reply! Here's the thing: It' never got any direct sunlight but was growing beautifully, suddenly it just stopped. So I'll try putting it in more direct sun light!

    I don't think anyone poisoned it, its very well hidden. Hopefully I'll still get something out of it :( Because it's a very special plant actually, that's grown in the mountains over here in south-east asia, in a rather secluded country. So i'm very curious as to what it will be like.
  4. yea i can tell it dont get direct light if u want anything that is smokeable id move it ... if u do it wil start to fatten up the buds real nice

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