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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a completely new grower so please be patient with me. I started my closet grow about 2 weeks ago from 4 clones. I have them in a grow tent that is 3x3x5 I believe.

    At the beginning, the plants were doing very well. First I transplanted them into 16oz Dixie cups after they were root bound. Everything went smoothly with no sign of stress.

    After a week and a half in the Dixie cups, roots were exploding through the drain holes, so I transplanted them into their permanent 3gal pots.

    I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. With Fox Farm nutes. I didn't use any nutes while they were in the Dixie cups... but in their 3 gal pots I fed FF Grow Big at every other watering. I used 1tsp/gal of water.

    The plants were still looking good until 5 days ago....

    I increased the nutes to 2tsp/gal of water for the next feeding....

    This is when my babies started looking bad....

    Please help me.. what do I do?? I attached photos. Thanks!!!

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  2. I have the same medium as you and have had success so far. All you need to add is fine dolomite lime, worm castings with a lil blood meal, water with molasses, epsom salts and make a tea for flowering. (bat guano, molasses, epsom salts, lime, worm castings. Forget chemical nutes....BTW fox farm is hot and no nutes needed for first month
  3. I'm no expert but your plants are looking great. Are these new growths? I'd say if anything looks like the new growths are just loving those nutes.

    For one though, I use FF Grow Big and at full strength it says to use 2-3 tsp. Never go full strength. You should be good with the 1 tsp but if you want to increase, do it in small increments like 1/4 tsp or something along those line.

    If this was nute burn, I suspect you would see this effect throughout the whole plant.
    Hope that helps
  4. That yellowing mostly comes on from overwatering, how often to you water them?
  5. Been quite awhile and was wondering if everything is ok with your plants.

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