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  1. Hello guys :wave:
    After some time searching for fertilizers I want your opinion.

    Root Stimulator:
    Nitrogen (N): 4.2%
    Phosphorus (P) P2O5: 7.5%
    Potassium (K) K2O: 3%
    Organic matter: 15%

    Growth Stimulator:
    Nitrogen (N) 0.91
    Phosphorus (P) 0.18
    Potassium (K) 0.24

    Flor. Stimulator:

    I didn't put all in NPK because I dont know how to convert to a simple three column( n-p-k).

    So I'm using this for my next season, and I wanna see if is a good option...

    And by the way, with the product usually comes a calendar with the times to feed right?
    I mean, I don't have to give root stimulator all time and on flor.stage I will not give root stimulator for sure so
    Will come a calendar that shows when I should stop giving that product?

    Sorry for that questions, Im a newbie :D:D
    And sorry by me english, not my native language
  2. The root stimulator isn't going to be one of the things you absolutely need. I'd probably only use it a few times, because the growth formula should be enough to grow some pretty healthy plants.

    There should be directions on the bottles on when and what to feed. Just follow it but work up to max dosage. Since you're using organics, there's less of a chance that you're going to over feed. I'd still keep an eye on it, and probably not use max dosage.
  3. So if I skip root stimulator, isn't gonna make a big difference?
  4. Not in my opinion. Others may argue with that.

    If you provide the plant with the basic nutrients it needs, adding anything else isn't necessary. It'll grow just fine in the normal nutrients.

  5. No. Be wary of genies in the bottle. One walk into a hydroponics store and you will see a supplement for everything. Like the above said if your tending to its basic needs it will most likely turn out great.
  6. Thank you both of you , you saved me some money :D

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