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    I have four 2 1/2 week old seedlings that have been under CFL's and were doing good very green leaves. I checked on them this afternoon and they are starting to turn yellow from the center out. The ends of the leaves are still green but the middle is starting to yellow up. Can anyone tell me what is happening here? How do I correct this? Thanks

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  2. I don't have the answer to your question. However I do have a few thoughts that might help us come to a conclusion.

    First thing, since the yellowing is in the center (new growth) I believe it is NOT a Nitrogen deficiency. A nitrogen def would rob older growth of N and transfer it to new growth (yellowing pattern would be reverse [older growth yellow]).

    Second thing I noticed is this plant is a lil bit small for 2 1/2 weeks. Leading me to believe she is either simply hungry or you have some sort of nute lockout due to a bad pH.

    Questions that will help us help you:

    CFL K temp? Wattage and distance? Average humidity? What is that medium composed of? pH of runoff? Have you given her nutes and what kind? Water hardness?
  3. i growth..look at my centers..

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  4. I'm using Pro-Mix with light worm castings. I was using a spiral 23w CFL for the seedling growth. I have just moved them (1 hour ago) to a 400W Metal Halide setup. Other than the soil mix and 18 hours of light. There is nothing additional added i.e. nutes.
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    you see the Fox Farm trio in the background along with the VF-11 i used that grow...believe me those plants in my pics are as healthy as a plant at that age could you can clearly see...NO deficiences at all...just how new growth looks against the older exsisting growth..everything darkens/tans under light long enough...

    here's one of 7 Afgooey i germ'd from seed..and they did the same

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  6. Buddogmutt,

    So your saying most plants usually look that way, just the normal color of the leaves as they grow? Perhaps you are right, this is my very first grow. I have nothing to compare it to. That afgooey looks rather good. thanks
  7. I think she is gonna respond favorably to that 400W MH. Don't change anything else. That way if she "recovers" (not that she needs much recovering), you'll know it was a lack of light. If the issue gets worse, you'll know its something else. Give her a day to respond. And watch those temps, she's still a baby.
  8. yeah i see your nutes haha mostly checked the OP's problem and honestly either my eyes are off or your pics are a lil different than the OP,his leaflet is half light and half dark, and the new one is all light, and if you check the chart i am refrencing the Iron Def. pics and how they start and continue and finish youll see why i posted. Buddog your new growth does look like new growth but again here for the OP's pics and ill admit i was comparing his very first leaflet to a chart that pictures mature leaves, so i could be off, but im not swearing im on either haha

    said chart : [​IMG]

    Uploaded with
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    yes...dont last grow(for what ever reason)..i had one jack clone that matured at a much slower rate then the rest and in the pic you can clearly see this plant because of the new growth and color difference..find waldo...(its what i named that slower growing plant)...
  10. your chart is for plants much older then his for 1...for 2...nothing on that chart closely resembles what his pic is showing...3 you answered his question with a question as if you yourself werent sure...well im sure of what im saying and showed many pics to explain my, you can lead a horse to water, but u cant make'm drink...whatever not here to each is answers come from my experiences...
  11. just trying to be helpful, sorry youve obviously got this covered.
  12. Lol like anyone gives a fuck about iron. :D

    Your plants are good stop focusing on the yellowing and start focusing on getting those whimpy bitches bigger! Lower the cfl's! Once they get to like 5 inches start usin nutes. Grow big is your fuckin friend.
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    no prob...and i do...the last thing he or any1 in my opinion should do would be to add any nutes to a plant so young to cure a nonexsisting def issue...and your responce could lead one in that direction...and i was just aginst that as a diagnosis..exspecially considering i was at that phase a couple weeks ago and showed where i am now..
  14. lol.....thank you!!!!!

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