HELP !!! Yellowing leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by crazybob2u, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. I am getting yellowing leaves mostly on the tips and on the edges of my upper leaves.The plants are in 5 Gal. buckets and are approx. 2' high.

    I water them both with approx. 1/2 gal. each per watering. using 2 tsp. ( 10 ml) of PURE BLEND PRO in the watering .
    Although using nutrients only once per week.
    Yesterday I watered them and now today when I stick my fingers 2" or so into the soil it feels dry.
  2. Erm only 2 things that spring to mind are, are they to close to ur lights if ur growin under lights and have u growen this strain of plant before? cud it just b the strain of plant??

    r they in flower or veg at the moment?
  3. like barnaby said.....possibly heat stress....what light and what's the distance to the plants.....are they all showing signs of this?'s most likely overfert......if i were you, i'd flush the medium with fresh till it comes out the bottom and then wait a day or'll see a diffrence.....Peace out.....Sid
  4. Thanx,

    I was using just a 150 HPS, I added a 175 HD.
    I had to re-arrange my grow space.
    The HPS was in the back approx. 14 in from the top of one plant....this height has been the same for about 1 1/2 weeks.
    The HD I just put in was approx. 16-18 in from the other plant. I have as of yesterday, moved the HD up quite a bit and I am now going to move the HPS.
    Note: mainly the front plant that was under the HD was affected, although the one under the HPS had a little yellowing on the side that was closest to the HD.
    Most all of the yellowing was at the top 1/4 0f the plant and most all of the yellowing involved just the tips.

    No I have never grown this strain before......Thease are my first. I would like to show pictures but everytime I try to upload it never seems to work......( canyou help me with that?
  5. makesure the filename ends like XXXXX.jpg,
    or .gif or whatever, just makesure that it has a . and file extension jpg or gif
    So it should look like mypicture.jpg
    Hope that helps,
  6. heat stress (too close to the lights) and too much fertilizer combined together.

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