Help! Yellow decay and white spotting on leaves

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  1. I some young guys who started having a maganese deficiency and caused brown rusty spots on the leaves. I tested the ph, and it was low. So I used powdered like in distiller water to deliver it quicker. After one treatment the leaves cleared up in about 2-3 days to a decent extent. But now, a more serious decay came up a few days later, and after the leaves get a flat dark green color in splotchy areas and some yellowing on the ends cause the leave to decay, the white spots are occurring after the decay.

    Havent expereienced any other health related problems either, only the new spotting, witch began and has excelled over the past 2-3 days,

    More photo can be found under my profile, please look and advise,


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  2. Powdered what? What are you using for nutes? What's the grow medium? What was the ph when you were having problems? What is it now? What stage and age is the plant at?

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  3. Powdered lime, just miracle gro basic feed. Ph problems occurred 4.7-5.2 the lime brought it up to right at 7, the leaves have an appearance of lime burn but the white spotting after the decay is my concern

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