Help would be appreciated - hydroponics + bad case of nutrient burn

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Inhipidor, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. I've been growing a plant now with a hydroponic setup since May.

    The plant's growth has seriously halted in the past few weeks. New foliage that is developing appears yellow at best or almost completely white and is usually already dead by that point. About 50% of the foliage is damaged in some way from burn and it's browning or yellowed completely.

    I've switched now to a 600w light as I think it's an appropriate size and have been using scrog to encourage other branches to develop more as well.

    For the last week I've given the plant almost no nutrients at all and just supplied it with pH'd water in the hope that might stop new foliage from dying immediately.

    It's currently in a 10L bucket with about a gallon (4.5l) of water. I was using the Flora liquid nutrients previously and was mixing less than 0.25 ml total for each type.

    I'm wondering if perhaps it's another issue with the carbon filter and perhaps needs replacing.

    Any tips of recommendations would be wonderful as my plant really doesn't look healthy currently :(
  2. The carbon filter has absolutely nothing to do with the growth of your plant it's just for the smell.

    You deff have some sort of defficncy.

    What are the PH LEVELS ?
    Ec levels?

    Also 2 months in to grow 0.25 mill sounds like way not enough nutes.

  3. I almost always adjust my pH levels at least twice a day and get them back down to 5.3. I'll adjust down to 5.3 and then it'll naturally increase back to neutral after about 6 hours.

    I can't afford an EC metre so I couldn't tell you unfortunately.
  4. 5.3 is to low...

    Keep it between 5.5 and 6.2... 6.3

    Your plants getting locked out and can't absorb nutes...

    Also in hydro EC is one of the main important things - are you in DWC?

  5. Yes. DWC. Aight if it's just a pH problem that can easily be fixed. That was just some shit growing guide then.
  6. Yes man it was.. lol

    It should not Be fluctuating so much either bro... like maybe every few days might need to adjust but sure as shit not 2 times a day...

    Do you have a air stone in the water?
    Get an EC metre it's essential..
  7. Also 5.8 to 6.1 seems to be perfect.

  8. Yeah I'm using an air stone. I was thinking about replacing it, it's some cheap crap tbh.

    Aight cheers for the help dude anyway. Will have to keep this posted to see if it improves. I really hope it's not too late and I can still get a decent amount of bud off it.

    Suppose that's another question, how long can I keep it growing for? It's a guerilla gusto not an autoflowering variety either.
  9. I'm only a noob to the DWC my self bro but few things I'm sure on is PH levels and fluctuation... BUT from my understanding you can veg as long as you like providing the pot is big enough and have enough room... as they will get 3-4 x bigger in flower... i gotta sleep I'm sure someone will step in - peace
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  10. IMG_0147.jpg One last helpful thing ....
  11. This looks like some useful stuff will just have to play around with my EC metre now and also get some freaking batteries for it cos of course it didn't come with batteries.

    Yeah I'd like to think my plants are looking a little healthier at the moment thanks to my solution being in proper pH range but yeah the pH is still rising quite significantly every 6 hours or so.

    I'm aware young plants want a EC of 1 and developing / maturing plants want around 2 and flowering can push upwards of 3? If you could confirm that would put me at ease for the next few weeks until some other minor issue pops up.

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