Help! Worried about getting caught by authorities.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m an 18 year old college freshman in California with a medical rec. I legally purchased a 500mg stizzy pod, 500mg syringe, and 300mg edible and shipped them via fedex to my friend in Boston. I was very high when I did this so I did not think about the legal consequences. I put the content into a padded package and sealed that in another package. It did not smell like anything. Unfortunately, I also put my return address and real name but the package does not look suspicious at all. What are the odds that I will get caught by the feds? And if so, will they do anything for such a small amount?

    Thanks. I know I was a dumbass and should’ve done it.
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  2. Some of the Fedex guys take lunch and log on here too

    unless you were careless and Left fingerprints

    you should be fine

    just deny all

    its fashionable where I'm from
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  3. I touched the package with my hands and it has my real name on it.
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  5. What should I do?
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  6. If I was you I'd pray I don't drop the soap when in prison for drug trafficking lol
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  7. I hope ur kidding
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  8. I'm not lol do a quick Google search of drug trafficking laws

    Sentences for drug distribution and trafficking can generally range from 3-5 years to life in prison. Drug trafficking/distribution is a felony, and is a more serious crime than drugpossession. If you are found in possession of drugs, you could be charged with trafficking ifpolice believe you intend to sell them.

    It doesn't matter if you send a Joint or a 1lb of weed you're still trafficking drugs lol
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  9. So the only 'druggie' thing is the edible ...unless thats tested by ???? you should be fine

    good luck
  10. really hope ur fucking with me
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  11. I got my package back lol they hadn’t shipped it yet
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  12. The odds you get in trouble are very low, most likely as its a domestic package your buddy will get it unopened. Worst case scenario it technically is trafficking but you could probably argue it is for personal use and if your record is clean it will be a slap on the wrist.
  13. How did you get it back?
  14. It was still in the store
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  15. haha after reading all 15 posts i get to # 16... rather anti-climatic lol

    glad it worked out for you... sweating bullets isn't fun especially be'n high...

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