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    So I'm having some yellowing on some of my leaves. I'm hoping someone can help. From my research, it looks to be a little bit of a Magnesium deficiency, but don't want to overreact to something that might not be a big deal.

    Overall she looks great, other than the 2 lower fan leafs

    Here are my specs:
    Originally planted in plain potting soil with no known added nutrients. (1/27)
    Transplanted into a larger 4Liter pot with Fox Farm Ocean Forest on Sunday (2/6)
    3x23w 6500K CFLs (24/0 Light cycle)
    Temps: 75 at night; 80-85 during the day
    Humidity: 40-50%
    Water PH is 7.1
    Runoff is 6.2



    I haven't watered her since Monday. And I always let my water sit out at night.

    I haven't fed her yet, but I'm thinking of doing so next time I water her (today or tomorrow)

    She is on her 15 day since sprout. thanks for the help! :smoke:
  2. Hey man, I cant see your pictures.
    Also, more info would be ideal (what lights, temp, humidity, grow medium)
  3. Really? I can see the pics fine on my side. Let me try to upload again.

    Anyone else having problems?

    Also, updated my original post with the specs.

    Thanks for helping!
  4. I still cant see them, so maybe its my problem ha ha.without a picture its hard to say. Have you checked your soil\'s ph by chance?
  5. I just updated the pics. Let me know if you can see them.
  6. Yes, I can see the pics now. You need to check the pH of your soil. You say your water is naturally at 6.2. Are you adjusting it up after that? If not, your soil's pH has probably dropped way down which usually results in some kind of lockout(deficiency). You usually want to shoot for a soil pH of 6.5. ;)
  7. No sorry, I worded it wrong.

    Water PH is 7.1
    Runoff is 6.2
  8. Ok, sounds like soil ph is fine. Is that leaf that has the problems one of your first true leaves on your plant? If so, those just naturally phase themselves out. I'm asking because looking at your pictures it looks as if it's just the one single blade leaf at the very bottom of your plant.
  9. Ya basically. It's the first and biggest. This one and the other side also are yellowing. I heard it's natural because its using its nutes to feed the other nodes, if I remember correctly?

    Anyways, there's also a side story to that.. Umm.. when transplanting, I accidently made a little rip on the tip of the leaf in the picture. As you can see it looks like the tip is chopped off, but I think it just died.

    It's day 15, should I start feeding it nutes?
  10. Yep all you've got going on is your first leaves are phasing out. Nothing to worry about. As far as ferting, you just transplanted on Sunday. FFOF soil is good for 2-4 weeks after planting or transplanting before fertilizing is required. So I'd say no for another week or 2. However, some people just love to add ferts. If you are one of those people, I'd recommend no more than 1/4-1/2 the normal dosage. If you are using FF line of nutes, then I'd add about 15mL/gal of Big Bloom on the next watering. Big Bloom is not really a fertilizer, it's a catalyst tea that promotes and maintains a healthy root structure.;)
  11. Wow, thanks for the help man! +rep! Ok now stupid question about ferts.

    I'm reading the directions on the back of the bottle and it states 2-3 Teaspoons per gallon of water. I read on GC to use 1/4 to 1/2 of the suggested amount.

    So I have a gallon of water on reserve. I wanted to go ahead and add the Grow Big to it. What I did was just add 1 teaspoon to the entire gallon. Will this suffice? I was thinking this isn't alot?!? :confused: I figured I could always add more as the days go by and she needs more.

    From my gallon reserve, I have a water bottle that I use to measure how much I water her. It has 200ml to 500ml.

    Also good to know about Big Bloom not being a fert.. so does that mean I can overuse it without problems? :smoke:
  12. wow my plant is 15days old also. but mine has had a calcium def since day 1. yours is 10x bigger. seriously. mine is dieing i think and im just prolonging it. i moved it to hydro last night.

    good job. just flush it and dont give nutes untill you know whats wrong.

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