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  1. I have a few OG kush, kush berry, and 1 lemon skunk all started around oct 28th. Planted in ffof soil, took clones on 11/27, and flipped them on 12/12/. Just started adding nutes, sensi grow a and b last week am up to 620 ppm now, because the tips were starting to yellow so I figured they had used up what was in the ffof. Seems that it hasnt improved the new growth from having yellow tips. I am using R/O water so could it be a micro def maybe? Also the tips on the skunk leaves are curling down just a slight bit.

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    My plants tips curl down and have minor yellow tips to bit it doesnt seem to affect the plant in my opinion. If the yellowness progresses further thoufh you might need more nitrogen. It may also be potassium cause i think i saw some browning in one of the pictures thay had bad yellowing?

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