Help with yellowing foliage

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  1. Week 4 of flower.

    Here are the details of the setup:

    4x8 tent.
    8 plants in 5 gallon smart pots.
    Ocean Forest Soil
    General Hydro Flora Nova nutes following drain to waste chart. Water PH 6.2-6.8. Starting with RO.
    One side (4 plants) are under 600w hps, the other side under 1000w hps.

    Having issues with a few plants under the 1000w. I have one of each Plushberry and Cherry Pie that are both yellowing at all heights (mostly larger fans). Couple leaves on my blue dreams are showing mild yellowing. Everything under the 600 looks ok. Light distance to tops under the 1000 is about 28”.

    Because it looks like possible lockout, I flushed one of them last night with 2 gallons of 6.4 RO. Checked runoff TDS and was only 500. For week 4 of flower that seemed LOW!

    Checked my nutrient water TDS and it was only 800 following GH Flora Nova chart. Also low for mid flower I thought. (Soil tho... so not sure how precise this needs to be)

    Now I’m not sure it’s lockout at all.... but either a macro deficiency with low nitrogen possibly, or maybe Cal or Mag?

    One friend thought my low humidity could do it but I didn’t think that seemed possible either. Daytime runs about 77f @ 32% and night 62ish @ 45-50%. I can’t modify this significantly due to being in a garage (heated) but with less than desirable insulation. Adding humidity would cause a condensation issue for me. I could dehumidify but I also have a veg tent running and don’t want to get insanely low. Outdoor is below freezing so RH of the outside air is very low.

    Linking in the pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Got a bit a cal/mag issues. I think its just maturing. At the fourth week, I anticipate some yellowing.

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