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Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. I need to write a satire on something for a class and I've picked drugs more specifically pot. i just don't know how I should go about writing it and what i should use as examples of how fucked the system is. Any suggestions?
  2. haha wow dude, i JUST had a satire project, and i chose pot.. i did a political cartoon...
    1st frame: chill looking stoner dude.... 2nd frame: chill stoner dude in his home, blowing smoke, with a bong on a table, saying "wheres the pizza man?!?!" 3rd frame: jailcell.... one guy says "murder and extortion... what you in for?" and the pot smoker goes.. "are you.... are you the pizza man???" 4th frame: oval office, white house.... the prez is high and says " wheres the pizza?!"..with a bong on his desk.. ( a zong style to be more specific :p ) and theres a flag drapped over his desk with the words ( in the auctucal quotes) " i did not inhale"
    5th frame: prez is giving a state of the union adress.... but on the banner over the podium, it says thc instead of the part in state of THC union and then i have a little blurb about the prez being like "we're winning the war on drugs... we just uhh... we need more money..." and then the 6th frame: shows a check being made out, from the tax payers, for the war of drugs... amount "billions upon billions" and its floating in a toliet..... a flushing toliet to be more example... (to show how the war on drugs in a waste of fucking money!!!)

    and that was my satire....
  3. Why don't you just show your teacher a sack of bud and your pipe? :p
  4. I need to right a 3 page satire. I need ideas I'm tottally blank man, I can't smoke cuz I got my teeth pulled.
  5. mundi: lol, my teacher probaly tokes himself... or atleast used to.... he's like 28... he knows i toke... i go high to his class all the time... and so do a lot of other kids... he makes..... refrences to it in class... one time in perticular, he was like.. "and how so many of you come into my class with your eyes glazed over..." and he looks right at me.. and mind you.. im high as he said that... haha... it was funny... but yah.. im sure he has to know i toke.. and he hasn't siad shit... even wrote me a fucking BOMB college recommdention... so its all good in my hood...

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