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  1. I was hopping a fence and a sharp end sticking straight up stabbed me in my hand, close to the thumb/wrist. Probably almost a centimeter deep, and half a centimeter wide. I washed it off with soap and water but the bleeding already immersed the empty space. I waited till the bleeding stopped and packed on some cbd balm, which has antibacterial effects as well as pain relief. My whole wrist still hurts like a motherfucker but not nearly as bad as it would. I didn't have any peroxide at hand or I would've used that, not rubbing alcohol or anything.
    My question is, do I have anything to worry about in the range of tetanus, iron, etc.? The metal was probably fairly dirty, as the fence is rarely used.

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  2. When did you get youre last tetanus.?
    Im sure they last 5year

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  3. I think if I remember correctly tetanus shots last 10 years. Sounds like you did everything right you washed it and put something anti-bacterial. Things to watch out for are the area around the wound to be bright red (angry looking) and if it's infected the whole area will feel hot to the touch. In all honesty unless the fence was super rusty you don't have much to worry about just keep it clean my dude!
  4. pics or didn't happen
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  6. Tetanus shots need to be renewed every 10 years. If you haven't had one or are unsure, bite the bullet and either go to the hospital or at the very least give your GP a call.

    Otherwise, just take care. If the pain doesn't ease after 48 hours or so, gets worse, or you see the signs of infection mentioned above, seek medical attention.

    Oh, and be sure to take two marijuana's as needed. Doctor's orders.
  7. I've had a knife cut on my knuckle between my index finger and thumb, cut right to the bone. Make sure its perfectly clean, you do not want it getting infected. I used alcohol on mine, and I felt like I was going to die but it kept it clean. If the two sides of the cut are far apart, use medical tape to draw them together so it heals with minimal scar tissue.

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