Help With Wiring HPS

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  1. Alright so heres the deal the place i work at was gonna throw away a perfectly good HPS setup because the lense was working.... Well i have the internals now. And i am trying to figure out how to wire them back up... Ill tell you what i have
    1 a socket with one black and one white wire coming out.
    2 The HPS Lamp Ignitor with on red one blue and one white wire coming out.
    3 and finally what i believe to be the transformer has one blue on red and on black.
    So if anyone could help me wire this damn thing it would be a big help... :smoking:
  2. you also need a ballast.....
  3. Alright so someone please help me figure out this confusing mess...... I know im no electritician i mean shit i smoke pot :D

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  4. Is that everything that came with the light? looks like something is missing but i'm no expert on lighting.

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