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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by moonbelle420, May 14, 2002.

  1. i'm growing some plants indoors by a window,no extra light of any kind.just the rotation of the sun.what do i need to do to make my babies happier,heathier and more about fertilizer,what can i use?
  2. u kan use miracle grow keep it simp

  3. You can take from window and put under a thouy for happy
  4. the single worst soil and/or fertilizer out there.

    OP, don't get your hopes up with any kind of a windowsill grow.

  5. Ignored miracle grow post. I cant feed trollz anymore. Cost of living getting way to high in the east
  6. Yall know the post was from iam sure he he figured getting 1 a real light and soil or 2 he quit altogether after he grew it
  7. God, this post has been here longer than I have.
  8. I had no idea and didn't look at the date - man we need more new and exciting threads lol

  9. I heard it won't bud on a windowsill but I might be wrong. I just know my friends mom did just because she likes the look of a weed plant and it never fully produced buds
  10. sure it would; just like an outdoor plant.

    Chances are it wouldn't amount to much - UNLESS you had a great big window with lots of light and a fat healthy plant in the full sun for most of the day. Then I'm sure it would do ok.

    A little plant in a pot on the windowsill, tho? Not worth my own bother at least.



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