Help with what Kelp???

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  1. Just filled my brain for the day with kelp info. Now I have no idea what to get.

    The best that I can find, imho, is 'earth kelp' from progress earth. It contains Ascophyllum Nodosum and Ecklonia maxima. It is cold pressed, so no heat nute loss.

    Anyone used this before?
    What is your brand of kelp?
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    Good ol' Ascophylum Nodosum - brown kelp from the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

    Around a buck a pound (edit: when you buy a 50 lb sack) at the local farm & feed store. We use the same kelp as a horse supplement.


  3. That ^^^^ and it's all you need to know about kelp other than don't over do it. More is not necessarily better.

  4. After spending nearly 7 hours filling my brain again last night, I came to exactly the same conclusions. Thank you Wetdog and Jerry.
    Between 4 forums and 60 somethin' posts, the 2! posts right here are the most sensible and to the point.
    Much appreciated.
    The local feed store is also about $20 less expensive than the growstore, for the same product.

    Any particular reason for not using the Ecklonia? Or just unnecessary?
    And roughly what is the appropriate amount to use for soil plantings? I was thinking about 1 teaspoon per gal of soil??
    Sorry for all the ?s.
    Thanks again.
  5. As a general rule, many of us around these here parts advocate the use of around 2 to 3 cups TOTAL per cubic foot (7.5 gallons) for your "nutritional amendments". This includes your neem, kelp, alfalfa, fish, bone - whatever. That is the total amount of these amendments that should be added, so whatever proportions you want to use for each is fine, just don't go much more than that total number.

    This amount does not include rock dusts which I use at 4-5 cups/CF or liming agents, if you need to add them to your mix.

    I also use kelp meal for foliar sprayings and teas.


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