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  1. K, im gettin a 40 bag of wet and down where im at all there is, is the powder no liquid in vials. So neways I always wanted to smoke a sherm stick so what should I dissolve the wet in and should I take the filter outta my cig. or will the filter not effect PCP?
  2. Just get it ready like if you were shooting honestly, the PCP will dissolve in water and the other shit won't.

    Just use a tiny bit of water, and then put drops on your cig and let it dry. It's not the easiest way, but you can always skip the heating and just drop it straight on.

    Cigarette filter shouldnt matter too much either.
  3. i disagree because the filter is made to take out many adulterants and other thing etc etc. even a spliff from an empty cigarette with the filter still attached i know people that find it hard to get high from it. idk though lol ;)
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    Smoking weed is different than smoking a salt. Weed and tobacco have tars and shit that will get caught in the filter because they are too big to go through. If you are smoking a salt though, some of it will vaporize from the heat of the smoke going through, and the rest that burns will still go through the filter because the particles are too small to get caught.

    Some product will be lost regardless, and some will get caught in the filter but the amount is so small that it won't make a big difference.

    I've smoked quite a bit of different shit on/in cigs with/without filters, so I'm just gathering this from what I noticed, I could be wrong.

    EDIT: You could always try putting some on the filter like you would do with coke. PCP melts and vaporizes at a lower temperature so I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  5. Another thing, if I smoke it in my bowl would the heat destroy alot of it?
  6. If you smoke it in a bowl get a metal screen, put some shake on top, a sprinkle on top of that, and pack it full up with weed on top of that.

    The shake keeps you from pulling it through the screen, and the weed acts as a buffer between the direct flame and the goods. Just try and keep the bowl cherried so you don't have to re-light as much.
  7. or you could turn it into a liquid and lace your buds...
  8. That takes longer to do and burns more of it instead of vaporizing it.
  9. snort that shit son

    and be sure you have a sitter

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