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Help!!! With weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMadStoner, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hi guys i'm really new to smoking and was gonna get some weed tomorrow and i was wondering what a 1/4 and an 1/8 looks like im buying small just to test the dealer and i know that it depends on how dense the weed is but give me an estimate so i wont get ripped of and i dont have a scale but i'm getting one

    thanks :D
  2. All bud is different man. Just invest in a scale..
  3. buy scale first. weigh it out. you can't eyeball anything, but you can weigh it.
  4. i know man but can anyone just give an estimate of some mids or something thanks for the comment dud and i am getting one soon maybe in the next week or so :D
  5. noone can estimate anything. too many variables. just buy a scale and save yourself the headache and possible chance of getting ripped.
  6. kk man ill just buy small tomorrow and eyeball it so it wont be too bad but i am getting a scale i just cant get one now thanks for the help sean :D
  7. Is it some kill or mids? A quarter of mids and killer are two different animals. If its mids then it was probobly bricked so it will look way smaller than a dank sack. Your best bet is to ask him to weigh it in front of you, most dealers are cool about it. Post a picture when you get it and how much you paid, we can try helping you out then.
  8. no prob. if you were local i'd kick you down with my older scale.
  9. that or ask your dealer to scale in front of u. because if he says he doesnt have a scale then he most likely is guessing your sacks or buying pre bagged. wheich most dealers dont do
  10. #10 S0UR, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Or he wants to skimp him out...
  11. dude i live in ireland :D and im not sure if its some fire or mids i done my research hear about how to know good weed and bad weed so ill post some pics and the price and see what people say thanks man :D keep smoking :D
  12. an 8th.

    regular sandwich bag: should roughly be 1FINGER THICK accross the bag.

    a quarter.

    regular sandwich bag: roughly 2 fingers thick accross the bag.

    thats the only thing i can help you out with.

    now it ownt be a perfect estimation... b ut its close.

    good luck bruh
  13. thaks man that actually helps me alot man :)
  14. While on the topic should i mix my weed with a quator of a cig or less i heard it helps the joint burn slower and more evenly so it gets a better taste i dunno any ideas :)

  15. no problem bruh.

    anything i can do to help.

    dont forget to comeback with some pics tho.

    you mean roll a spliff? (weed/tobacco).

    i hate that stuff... just me tho.

    i prefer all weed.

    but hittin a spliff.. or a BLOOPIE (bowl of weed/tobacco)

    will definitely get you light headed.

    you can try it nd see how you feel.

    also.. you can just roll a blunt and add some honey onthe inside for some slow burn.
  16. yeah i did hear that it makes you light headed like a friend had some hash and tobaco and he never smoked cigs and started getting sick
  17. Yeah it happens to the guy we just met from Michigan, he's not used to baccy at ALL.
  18. man makes me jjust wanna smoke some good mary jane by itself i dont wanna get light headed or sick cause i never smoked cigs man :)

  19. yea bruh i dont smoke cigs neither.

    maybe once in a blue moon.

    but definitely cantt go wrong with pure maryjane.
  20. yeah same hear might have one at a party and stuff but never actually smoked just weed and dude im new to smoking and never had hashish yet and is it all that different than weed and if you had hashiah would i have to mix it with tobaco or just use a pipe ??? :D

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