Help With Venting And Smell.

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    Hello GC, first grow is going good so far, 3 days after planting, I need a way to vent my closet out. My closet is 48" long, x 28" wide , and 81" tall. So it's a big rectangle, I need a way to rig a fan an carbon scrubber soon, it's not even flowering and I small the good ganja smell a little bit. Not good for visitors and when my grandpa comes over. I was planning on making a hole to the attic, and having air being sucked out, so to make a hole for ducting, how do I do that.? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. put the carbon scrubber as high in the room as you can, suport with chain, rope or something
    and hang it, cut the hole in the celing for the ducting and put the fan in the loft
    this will save you a lot of space and reduce the noise of the fan
    put some hooks in the main bean and hang the fan this will stop most the noise and you can use a bigger fan
    a bigger fan will reduce the risk of smell getting out the room and increase the airflow
    aslo will reduce the room temp and humidty
  3. hi I am using a 1.2x 1.2 x 2m tent and I have a filter with a large extractor fan as high as it goes I only have 3 Amessia Haze going that should be fine as live in flat and cant put holes in roof will that be ok hope you can help, by way using 600 hid lamp with fan on 18 hours with light but not using the extractor at moment as they were started on seeds and are about 6 inch with 20+ leaves been 3 week as started with led light and plants never moved in week half not the are flying away under the hid cheers
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    If the extractor fan and intake fan are pulling and blowing air into the same room as the tent, there is no fresh air and no way of reducing the temp/humidty
    you need to have some air pull from outside to replace the co2 and keep the humidty/temps down

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