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Help with ventilation?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by primatime, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. So i just bought the fan and flex ducting but now i have no idea how to set it up? Recommendations?

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  2. something like're getting cool air from a passive open vent though, and your fan is outside the tent...
  3. My hood doesnt have anything for me to connect ducting like that, this is where i begin to get confused

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  4. Would i be able to run it as shown? I forgot to get a speed controller for that fan, and an earlier poster wasnt joking when he said "unless you dont mind the turbo in the next room" haha also which way would i face the fan to connect the ducting? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Nice fan!
    Since you have no in/out on the hood..Just let the duct hang down a few inches and cinch it tight so it doesn't pull back out..then attach another piece of duct to the outlet (optional) and point it where you want to exhaust the used air to..Forgive the art..LOL
  6. So would it work if i connected the duct to the fan and had it blowing straight up and out like that? Im running my lights right now with a thermometer in the tent to see what my temps are at

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  7. These fans work better pulling air out, rather than pushing..
    Running the lights now is a good idea, but remember the plants will change things drastically as they grow and breath....Both RH and temps!
    Here..this will keep you busy for a little bit..LMAO!!!
    Air Circulation & Exhaust Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy
  8. I dont get it, would i set it up outside or inside then? This ventilation stuff really is beginning to confuse the shit out of me

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  9. I like outside since I need the room! Either will do!
    Funny, this was the easy part for me when I began..I spent an hour figuring out how to attach the Yo-Yo hangers...LMAO
    Here is my setup..I think an exhaust fan INSIDE would really be a mess! (4 plants since I like different strains growing. The GDPs on the right side are over 3 ft tall..4 wks into flower..vegged for 6-7 wks.
    8-12-17 1.jpg
  10. So then i would just have ducting going from the inside out, then attatched to the fan on the outside? Its mostly how to set everything up that confuses me. Im a visual learner but i cant find a video thats really helpful

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    [​IMG] here's mine.. it's by no means perfect but you can see everything... I have everything in he tent as I didn't have enough ducting to do anything else... same reason why my intake is where it is... but anyhow I have a 4" carbon filter and a 6"ipower inline crammed in a 4x2x4 and it works.... I have the intake up at the top left but it's tilted down so it blows nicely on top of the canopy instead of going right into the filter... the outtake is just how it is... I may fix it better down the road but it works... I use a booster fan for my intake plus a little tower type fan on the other end of the vent for some extra pressure.

    Also of course instead of having the inline inside you can have it outside on the floor and the carbon filter where my inline is.. I know some peop use buckets and make noise insulators for the fan so it's not so loud.
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  12. I could only find this one..disregard the mentions of a filter and/or connection to a light..Hope this helps..going out for a bite..later and I'm sure you will get it..:)
  13. I have it like this right now the fan is just barely pressed against the tent out of the way as much as i could and you can see the ducting that runs behind the tent and into another room. I turned the fan on and feel air being sent through but idk if i set the fan up facing the correct way [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I do not have that fan model, but it looks like it would blow into the tent?? If is backwards..why inside the tent..??
    1) attach ductwork to fan exhaust side (the one you feel air blowing out, not sucking air in. 2) place the other end of the ductwork in the air will be sucked out of the tent, thru the ductwork and blown out.
    Sorry, I do understand your having to visualize, but I am out of ideas..
    The way you have will NOT work..the setup is not airtight and will not suck anything out, even if it were pointing the correct way.
    Found this:

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  15. The air i mentioned earlier isnt coming from inside the tent, its coming from the duct off to the left side of the tent, you can see it in the picture. the fan is attatched to ducting fed through the hole in the tent out into the next room (which is the end that i feel air coming out of) if i understand correctly, the fan is supposed to be blowing air out right?

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  16. That hole is a vent hole with drawstrings right? pull the drawstrings tight to hold the ductwork in place..
    Sounds like you missed again

    DRAW AIR OUT OF THE TENT THRU DUCTWORK, not from outside thru a vent..

    If you have a friend..put him/her in the tent with a joint, and blow out some should see/smell it standing in front of the fan..

    Going to catch some Zzzz for a few hrs..

  17. Yup i just havent tightened anything cause im not using the tent just yet since i still need a speed controller and some fans for circulation. Im going to try that joint thing tomorrow and see how it goes, thanks for all your help!

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  18. Im still having trouble understanding, it would really help if someone with a similar set uo could help me. I do indeed have air blowing into the tent from the fan, idk if the propeller side is supposed to be exposed or the other side. It supee frustrating and now i just want to give up cause i cant seem to understand what is one of the most important parts

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  19. This is not rocket science man just actually think about it for a minute... the dam carbon filter needs to be hanging up in the tent preferably in the top to suck in the hot air... it then travels into the ducting which is connected to the inline fan which is PULLING the air into itself and pushing it out of the tent... the inline will also be connected to another piece of ducting to run to wherever you want your exhaust to vent out to... its just four different pieces... carbon filter
    Inline fan

    As for the intake you don't need anything fancy... run some ducting through one of those vent holes and either run a passive intake which means no fan... or add a cheap booster fan to the ducting to create an intake with airflow...

    If you still don't understand just go watch a YouTube video or buy a setting up a grow tent for dummy's book.

    Grow journal

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