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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vagineyes, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I am growing in a mini fridge and my first grow did not go too well, I believe I drowned the plants, but I am on my second attempt and just had sprouts come out through the soil last night. I have had them on 24 hrs light. Should I change this to 18/6 during veg or leave it on 24 hrs?
  2. Your choice, both will keep it in veg. Theres much debate as to which is best so whatever works for you.
  3. Both will work. Some people do 24/0 some people prefer 18/6... Or any combination between. I like 18/6, because I believe the plants like some dark time. I've noticed that they tend to grow a lot during their night hours. I read that it could be because during the day they focus on getting energy and at night they focus on using the energy to grow.
  4. i agree...18/6...its cheaper and plants process all they've absorbed in the day while they sleep @ opinion...but a sleep period isnt requiored for the veg stage, but that doesnt mean its best for the my opinion its just a way to shorten veg stage for a faster grow all together...
  5. i imagine 18/6 gives the lights a little break too..
  6. What about all the Alaskan growers who have 21 hour summer days? They grow treeees! I agree with cheep, but that is a couple of grow me at least... But i am prolly gonna try a 20/4 or something.
  7. Thanks. I will probably switch to 18/7 tonight. My first grow I germinated and planted and doing 18/6 but they never came through the soil, but like I said I believe I accidentally over watered when I planted. Ha. These are looking good so far. I have another question. I am using normal soil right now and Glad plastic bowl containers with holes in the bottom (not the shallow square shaped bowls) because I don't get paid until tomorrow and will be buying soil and stuff then. When should I put them in a pot with fertile soil? Or will that harm them sense I started with normal soil?

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