Help with valentines day gift for my girl?

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  1. Sup guys, so valentines day is coming up and I had a great idea for a gift, but it's not complete yet.
    I found this really cool place that sells stuff specifically fr corny shit and they engrave it and today I saw a really cool purse make up mirror and it was all polished and shiny and had little jewels and it looked like something she'd love and THEN they said they could engrave something in it so that's what I need help with.
    I want to play on the fact that it's a mirror and say something kike
    "To the light of my life, my better half will always be inside. Forever yours my name" but I feel like there's a smoother way to word that last part but It's just not coming to me. Please guys we've been together for a year and I want it to a perfect and corny as shit because she loves that stuff and I love her so please help :) thank you guys.

    Tl;dr found cool purse mirror that can have engraving on top. I want to engrave something playing on the fact that it's a mirror and when she opens it she'll see my other half.
    Don't care if this sounds gay lol

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  2. Give her some bomb ass dick bro

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  3. "Suck my dick, bitch."
  4. Step one, cut a hole in a box. Two, put yo dick In that box. Three, have her open the top. And that's the way you do ittt.

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  5. Penis in popcorn
  6. Beat me to it lol
    All I could find was this shitty version of it, but it's hilarious for those who don't know. From Chappelle's show

  7. A nice pussy licking would do just fine
  8. Dick ass pussy and balls are always assumed plans it's just I wanted a cute gift to make it a little more special since last valentines day sucked ass for her.
    Do not worry guys I will be thoroughly dicking her down.

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  9. your lower half eh? ;)

    i mean absolutely no offence here....but id go for something totally different with inscription. idk what, but not that.
  10. I don't think anyone other than Toad actually read the OP lol.

    Anyway, It's a sweet gift. Go with what the mirror AND give her the D.

    "You're looking right at my other half."

    I found that on tumblr. It's pretty fitting.
    Try googling other half quotes. Don't limit yourself though. You could find the perfect quote has nothing to do with her being your other half.

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  11. A small teddy bear & chocolate box and an inexpensive yet nice looking flowers. If you have money, buy her a nice pair of earrings for 100 bucks or less.
  12. A nice balloon in a balloon is also a nice idea. Get her one with gas so it will float  and tie it to the goods. Or just tie it on your penis..
    Sorry, they were all saying penis shit so I had to say something too. I'd come off corny and cheesy if I didn't.
  13. It's a sweet gift but I'd go for something smaller on the wording. Yours just seems wordy. Good choice, sir!
  14. Alright thanks guys I appreciate it lol

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    valentines gifts are so fuckin lame 20$ box a chocolates? a teddy bear? flowers? fuck that give me a 50$ gift card to somewhere good to eat or best buy honestly anything would be better then those usual bullshit vdady gifts but im not a woman lol
  16. Well it's pretty clear OP.....engrave a pic of your dick on the mirror so every time she looks in it it's right there at the corner of her mouth....
  17. I would just put "I'll love you for always" or something like that. As others pointed out, your original inscription is good, but long.
  18. God you guys I know valentines day is a joke but it's the fact that it makes my girl happy and feel loved and money is not an issue at all lol have any of you had a girlfriend? Lol

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  19. Me and my girlfriend are sharing our V day present to each other this year... a Pax :smoke:
  20. Haha me and my girl went halfsies on one 4 or 5 months ago you won't be dissapointed this thing is a beast

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